Friday, 2 July 2010


The Telegraph on line reports that Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester is to put doctors and nurses in charge of running the hospital!

The twenty-six departments are to be replaced by nine new ones. All new departments will have a medical consultant at the helm, supported by a nurse and a manager. The consultants will spend 80% of their time on medical duties and the remaining 20% running the department.

The University Hospital of South Manchester Trust has agreed a contract with Manchester Business School to provide the necessary management training for the docs.

Brilliant news and it appears that our coalition government are living up to their promises in "empowering professionals to deliver better outcomes for patients."

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Anna G.


Anonymous said...

There was once a real simple answer to `admin` and organisation it was called.
Wait now, a MATRON!
Neverthless well stated Anna G

HyperCryptical said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous!

I think we all imagine a Matron as per Hattie Jagues portrayal in the 1967 film "Carry on Doctor." I must admit that she is the image I see when I think Matron.

Matron did appparently, present as a formidable administrator who had direct control over nurses, domestics and hotel services; rarely though, did she have power over the strategic running of the hospital. She was however, respected by doctors and nurses alike.

Matrons last walked the wards in 1967; yet I think we all believe that hospital life was better before her demise.

If any reader worked in a hospital during Matron's time - I would love to hear your stories!