Friday, 8 October 2010

"For the Beauty of the Earth"

Time magazine photo gallery.

Please visit Time magazines photo gallery of newly discovered species in Papua, New Guinea.  Truly beautiful!

As an aside,  the title of the post "For the Beauty of the Earth" is a hymn written by Folliot S. Pierpoint (1835-1917).  Wiki reports that he wrote the hymn while "mesmerised by the beauty of the countryside that surrounded him".  I know the feeling!  And No, I am not trying to sell religion as I am an atheist!

One day, while still at junior school, a worrying rumour spread like wildfire round the school, in that, the following day (at noon) would be the end of the world!  The earth would be enveloped in catastrophic tidal waves and life would cease to exist!  Worried kids sought comfort and explanations from teachers and parents - but did not believe what we were told.

The Armageddon morning, in assembly, we sang "For the Beauty of the Earth" for the first time; the hymn being hauntingly beautiful and the tune a little melancholy - which was certain proof (to us) that indeed, the end of the world was nigh!

I lived by the South Coast then, and the school dining room had one very large wall which was made entirely of glass.  We kids on first sitting cringed in fear as we stared at the panoramic window, waiting for the tidal wave to envelop us all.  Never happened of course and I can't remember whether the dinner was good that day!

But I have always remembered the hymn and therefore the memory of that day.  Have you any interesting Armageddon stories?

Possibly interesting: "Dear God!  Man!" is an anagram of Armageddon.

Anna :o]

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