Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bringing up Baby

In years gone by, it was well recognised that women were weak, fragile, muddle headed little things who were unable to cope with the stresses of motherhood; thus requiring 'liquid' crutches. :o]    Manufacturers of said liquid crutches were quite blatant in addressing women's frailties.  :o]

I just love the honesty in that "Mother's NERVES can ruin a child" in this advert from Wincarnis.  How true! :o]

Toothache could be fun.....

....but teething was better!  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for "children teething" contained 65mg of morphine per fluid ounce!

Coca had been removed from coca cola and mum ensured junior drunk as much as possible from an early age, as the soda content ensured a well rounded, socially acceptable child.

Lard ensured the happiness of the entire family - yummy I love lard!  Not really!

And dear doc endorsed "Luckies" as they were less irritating!

Haven' t times changed?

Anna :o]


Sam said...

Morphine an coccaine, no wonder they say kids behaved better than the unruly generations of our day, eh?

I wonder what will be said about us in 50 or a 100 years time!

I love the post Anna :-)

blackdog said...

Love the posters, and the claims that they make. But, is it any different now? Coke (the drink) no longer contains Cocaine, instead is has High Fructose Corn Syrup, a sweetener linked closely with Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, even Diabetes, and certainly Gout. In my view Coke, as it was, at least had some efficacy, albeit dilute Cocaine, which for a stomach medicine (which it was) has some foundation. It is generally a useful medication for many ailments and is less dangerous than most, in controlled amounts; not 'snorted', that is.
Lard. Well rendered pork fat is probably one the best cooking media, together with beef tallow. Both have none of the problems inherent in oils, which contribute greatly to the intake of oxides which cause considerable problems in the human diet. In many ways (man and woman) should remember that up to the 1950's most of the current cooking oil industry did not exist, with exception of olive oil, which is a rubbish cooking oil, as it too oxidises at quite low temperature. So in fact some of the claims as made are as true now as then, and are we really better off with Aspartame, than Cocaine?
As for the frailties of woman; well what an appalling, mysogynistic view! One sadly that still plays on the stage of modern day life, especially medicine, but now with a shroud to conceal it from view. Just because it is not voiced, does not mean it does not guide, the practise of men in their eandevours. I often feel ashamed, as a man, for the sins we perpetrate against women, often disguised as being for their 'own good'. Men are not from Mars, nor women from Venus, and we need to get over it!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Thanks for your comments Sam and blackdog.

Sam: I do wonder too what will be said about us in years to come. For sure we turn our noses up at lard, yet consume liquid plastic aka margarine. I think we delude ourselves that we eat healthily - I think I do! Did my parents eat healthily (as in todays criteria) - No!

blackdog: One of the old adverts I came across for Coke, highlighted its sugar content (as well as the soda) as beneficial to health!

One of my favourite foods as a child was bread and dripping - with lashings of salt! Loved it! I can taste it now just thinking about it! Yummy! I think my mum also had a love affair with lard - she added enormous amounts to every roast to aid a tasty cooking! It appears not to have had a harmful effect on me as I don't take or need statins. But does anyone?

Today - unless we eat wisely - our diet is saturated in a chemical soup. So maybe we are altering our genetic make-up?

Man/woman thing does still exist - but to a lesser degree. In my teenage years I sort of knew 'my place' and oddly enough, accepted it!
But not now!

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

It shows how times have changed, but what will our descendants make of some products of today, such as push up bras and playboy clothing for pre-pubescent girls?

The Lard one is a glorious spoof by VIZ magazine, as I recall:

Dr Phil

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Hi Dr Phil

Times have indeed changed and we change with them. Perhaps our descendants will look back in horror at that way our children were sexualised - or maybe not for there is a ?great deal of collusion from todays parents in clothing their children. Perhaps in years to come our children will reach sexual maturity at a worryingly early age?

Spoof is excellent.

Anna :o]