Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I must admit to being dull and boring as New Year is meaningless to me!  In the good old days when I was young and wanted to celebrate - we could never get babysitters as they were all young and also wanted to celebrate!  So we were stuck inside and accepted our lot!

So, New Years Eve, across time, has become  just another day, as have birthdays.  (Birthdays to me are just the day after yesterday - I am just one day older!)  This does not really mean I am dull and boring, as as an eternal optimist, I am happy 99.999% of the time

Nevertheless, I am aware, that folk put great stead in the beginning of a New Year!  The New Year is a time of renewal, of change and of hope that the dark side of the past year will not infiltrate the possibilities of a bright new beginning.  A new start.

So let us all start anew and accept the things that we cannot change and endeavour not be downhearted by them.  This is easy for me to say as a moronic optimist, for we all have our crosses to bear and my experience of life is not yours.  Whatever burdens you might carry - I hope they become lighter; reach out and touch those who can give help and guidance, or just comfort.  Give comfort to those who are less fortunate than you.

I sincerely hope that this New Year is good to you!

On a lighter note - things look good for me financially next year as my SPAM reports that there is over £3 million just waiting for me to collect!  Sorry, I must go soon as I have to provide my name, occupation, bank details, etc to collect this welcome booty!

I cannot recall meeting jung-c, w-moulder or e-puentes - but I must have made a hell of an impression on them - for they want to give me millions!  Yes!!!

Life is good!

Happy New Year!

Anna :o]


Kit Courteney said...

I'm in the 'boring' category too, but I don't care!

Not having children, babysitters have never been the issue.

I was put off 'new year' many years ago, now, when I moved into the house I am in now. The cheap, chavvy family next door would leave their house and bang SAUCEPANS with WOODEN SPOONS outside my front door to welcome in the new year. I was often just plain tired, so didn't happen to be up at midnight.

Needless to say, an hour or so of that every f*cking NYE put me right off!

With much joy, I can say I will be moving very soon!

Happy New Year! :)

Cockroach Catcher said...

Happy New Year indeed.

Eliza said...

I'm boring too, I'm typing this from my bed! Have a wonderful New Year.

Sam said...

... and a Happy 2011 to you and yours Anna, you always start first! Thank you

x :-)

NorthernTeacher said...

Happy New Year, Anna!

I gave up New Year resolutions many moons ago but have decided to resurrect the tradition and give it one more go. This is from an idea I nicked from Lucy Mangan in the Observer (sorry, attribute to). What do you think?

This year I'm going to be 10% thinner, 10% fitter, 10% nicer to people I don't like, 20% more patient generally, 25% more tolerant in queues, and 25% more generous to beggars if I can afford it. All this will make me a 100% better person! Top that if you can!!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Hope you all have a great New Year folks!

NT - Like the sound of the resolution. Not sure about the fitness thing though as my idea of exercise is opening my eyes in the morning. But... if I am 10% thinner, will I be 10% fitter? Mmmmh... sounds logical to me!

Anna :o]