Monday, 3 January 2011

Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO)

I can't give this post as much time as I would like to as I have finished a night shift.  I am also working tonight so I must be sensible and go to bed soon.  In view of this I shall refer mainly to links.  Adding to and messing up the time limits I have put on myself before retiring - this damn computer insists on crashing, freezing, etc.

During my break I read this article in The Observer and it raised my spirits that there is indeed hope for this world.

It details a cyber-document written by young Palestinian activists who are disgusted with the tensions and rivalries that invade their lives in the Gaza Strip.  You can find the full document on Facebook which you can find by googling Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) Facebook - it won't permit a link.  This document was posted three weeks ago and has raised a groundswell of support with 7,804 readers giving it the thumbs up.

Further information can be found here at SHAREK Youth Forum.

I do so hope that it (GYBO) is genuine and the optimist in me says that it is.  In my younger days I was an activist and tried to change the world - but couldn't.   I only hope these young folk can!

Forgive any errors in grammar - but I need to go to bed!

Anna :o]


Manzanita said...

I shouldn't even be offering a shred of a comment because I'm not informed enough but I encourage youth not to let history repeat itself. I do remember Hitler's youth groups being lead like lambs to slaughter without a outward whine or protest and look where it got them. Look where it got the world. Isn't that what history's written for????? so we can learn from past mistakes?????

HyperCRYPTICal said...

I am so pleased you commented Manzanita as although a pretty poorly composed post - I thought its theme important.

Our youth is our future and so often their positive thoughts are ignored; we, generally only hearing negative reports when political agitators or those with their own dark agenda hijack laudible ideals and warp them to suit their own viewpoint.

We have to learn from history and we have to support and listen to our young - for as much as they still have to learn, so have we too.

Anna :o]