Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Love Affair

The Remote Computer Says "No!"

I called you up; gave you my name.
You dealt the cards, I played the game.
The more moves I made,
The more it all became the same
And bored with you,
I left you..

Years on
We reconnected.

I was so surprised
In how you'd grown.
So much more erudite
Than the friend I'd known
And erroneously rejected.

If truth be known,
Second time around
I had become afraid of you.
So much power at my finger tips!
The power of technology;
You can't teach old dogs new tricks!

This old dog did learn
And was able to discern
The sublime
From the ridiculous;
A method so meticulous;
A honing of skills;
A separation of facts from frills;
You offered:
Intelligence as a panoramic view
And, I then again
Became friends with you.

You have given me so much:
(Have I just taken and you have given?)
This arena where I spiel forth;
Forums for debate -
Of how human kind can
Love or hate,
And passions
So passionately driven
Can unite or rent the world apart;
Subscriptions to the world of learning -
The world at my finger tips;
Affairs of the heart
In email-ships;
Of cunning asides
And clever quips;
My, you have opened my eyes!

But of late I have sensed
Your disaffection
With our relationship;
You sometimes cut me off,
But I must admit surprise
That you no longer
Accept my calls.

A loss;
A bereavement
That I initially denied;
But by day five
(Tears welling in my eyes)
I cried openly and thought
What the hell is this?
And sought comfort
In self-analysis.

I have said for years
That you are my social life;
But now think it is much
Deeper than that -
You have become my husband
And I your wife.

I am having an affair with you.

Before we reconnected
I had adapted
(Accept the things you cannot change)
To my situation;
But losing you
Has resurrected
My loneliness,
My emptiness
And total isolation.

Knowing you and losing you
Has left me vulnerable
And I don't like that.

Anna :o]

PS  Writing this at a friends house - so no pretty pictures!  Also ajolopies for another morose post!
It must be my blue period!

Yay!  Came home today and my boyfriend's back!
He did bring seven viruses with him which took
two hours to clear - but I will forgive him anything!
Remote computer - I love you!
Pretty (sad) picture now added above!
Happy one too!



blackdog said...

Remember dear Anna, that Piccaso's best and most prolific period, was that termed 'blue'.

Not morose, just from the heart. Thankyou for sharing.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Cheers for your comment blackdog!

As you can see - I am now a happy bunny again!
This is a good Friday!

Anna :o]

Linda said...

OMG -- I loved this post!!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Thanks Linda!

I can now report that I am totally cured!

I asked myself if I was addicted to my dear friend computer? I really don't think so - it has opened up my world and offered me so much and is indeed my chum! Without it, I would never have 'known' you and good people like you. Its temporary absence was akin to losing a good friend - but we have kissed and made up and I am a happy bunny!

Anna :o]

Jinksy said...

I'm so glad I trawled backwards and stumbled upon this delight. The blossoming of Blogland has given humans a greater chance to connect mind to mind, than any ring-a-rosie group holding hands in real life. It's an unexpected bonus which dawns slowly on the awareness of tentative new Bloggers - at least, those of a certain calibre who 'think, therefore are', to paraphrase Descartes!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Hi Jinksy

Blogland is truly a wonderful thing - it has inspired me! Although a poetry writer in my younger days - I hadn't written any for a good twenty years (?) before this blog. Haven't drawn or painted for years either - that might be the next thing to do!

Anna :o]