Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cafe Alliaceous

Cafe Alliaceous

Night black recesses
A masquerade
Of flickering candles,
Disguising infidelities
Met at
Red frocked tables.

Escargot Bourguignon.
Every breath savoured,
All passions melded,
Tongues licking lips
In excited anticipation.

Bon appetit!

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Anna :o]


gautami tripathy said...

Excellent post!

I really like how we all take different paths for the same picture!

viscous time

Sherry Irvine said...

where can I get a reservation? xo

Jinksy said...

Not too sure about the Escargot - might need persuading! But love the infidelities at red frocked tables...

Helen said...

OOOOOOOHHHH .. yummy delicious.

Stafford Ray said...

"Tongues licking lips
In excited anticipation".

This took me back to the sixties movie, Tom Jones and the pear eating scene!
And 'Red frocked tables". Also so sixties nightclub. Sensuous!

Lyn said...

I can taste it now...yummo!!

Jingle said...

meal time is fun time.
cool tale.

Trellissimo said...

Will you ask me to dine? LOL

Lucy Westenra said...

Trellissimo . . if she won't, I will. Never could resist a food-trap as luxuriant as yours. Not sure about the red beret. Clever Magpie, BTW.

Monkey Man said...

deliciously described.

Friko said...

That's the sort of cafe and occasion I could force myself to visit.
You are also a very good poet, not many of them around in blogland.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Thank you for your very kind comments folks.

Lucy: I will fight you for Trellissimo!

Stafford: Ah, the sixties! In those good old days - girls who wore red were susposedly offering their availability! Luckily - I didn't suit red - so didn't feel deprived of wearing a favourite colour.

Jinksy: I have never - and couldn't put an escargot in my mouth - but they just seemed right for the poem! Nevertheless - the garlicy aroma arising from same is intoxicating!

Friko: The dream of an illicit affair! Tis a dream - but couldn't do that either! My conscience would become very heavy!

Thanks again folks.

Anna :o]

Trellissimo said...

Ladies, ladies! Don't fight! Trellissimo is sure he could dine with both of you at once! Haha!