Thursday, 19 May 2016


(the fool
amongst us)
with pathetic
smile and pleading eyes
ducks low and cries as first
punch is thrown and we three, we
mighty three adrenalin rushed
lace in with fist that follows fist.  And
how proud we are and whoop with glee as blood
splatters from his battered nose.  We untie him
then and watch him slink from chair to ground
and leave him there as we now ten
feet tall  give high fives and leap
into the air.  The truth is
I don’t care for this
and a  troubled
mind troubles
thus I
weep for him
and weep for me. 
Truth is it is a
survival thing –bully
or be bullied   The me, the
coward (in) me longs to belong
so I sell my soul for welcome peace. 
And my excuse my paltry excuse tis
mother’s words:  Tis far better to give than
to receive.  So I give my soul to
he that would bully me, give fists
and feet the all of me. 
Yet I know, deep down
I know that I
the bully is

Anna :o]

Susan at Poets United has us writing of bullying and Victoria at dVerse has us writing an Etheree and above is my offering.  Cheers for the inspiration Susan and Victoria!

Image:  Courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons

Author: Andrew Mason (London, UK)


Victoria said...

Anna, this is so painful to read. In my experience, kids (and adults) who bully as themselves so insecure. This would be a good poem to share with school age kid, teachers. I wonder how you could do that.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This one brought tears to my eyes.. those of us who are bullied are marked with unseen scars. Beautifully poignant.

Lots of love,

Arcadia M said...

I found this piece powerful and so relevant in today's world.

Scarlet said...

A very powerful write and on a very sensitive issue too ~ The truth is the bully is one who is bulled too; it's a vicious cycle ~ Good one Anna ~


Truedessa said...

A poem that carries a powerful message. The truth is bullies come in many shapes and forms. When will it stop?

^.^ said...

Bullying is a big thing these days in any society ... and if addressed to the Human Resources department ... guess what who wins ... ??? yep, the bully wins ... cuz it's all about connections and seniority in the pecking order ... want's me wanna scream ... I appreciate your poem so much though, H ... so me won't scream ... at least not yet ... Love, cat.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You have taken us inside the mind of a bully, Anna. I agree the bully is unhappy nice to see you posting at midweek, kiddo.

Sumana Roy said...

a sad truth so poignantly exposed....

Luk Lei said...

The plot of your poem reminds me of Shane Koyczan's poem "To this day". When the bully is bullied and vice versa.

brudberg said...

I think that mostly you are right. Most bullies have been bullied too, they bully to be accepted by the passive onlookers, the silent jury of complacent onlookers..

Susan said...

I felt this as if an observer with my hands tied. Bullies, bullied. Observers, bullied. Standing up and saying no is always the dangerous/courageous choice. I identify.

Uma Venkatraman said...

excellent.. the trauma of those who bully often goes unnoticed

Jae Rose said...

I really like how you have explored this theme and given quite a different perspective and narrative - it is far to easy to paint people as all good and all bad - i think if we are truly honest - as in this powerful poem - we would acknowledge that we often sit somewhere in-between if only to survive..

Mary said...

Great to see you at Midweek Motif with such a powerful poem! With such a strong message. Your poem made me FEEL the pain of both the bullied AND the bully! Whew.

Petru Viljoen said...

I just read the most amazing (awful) story that deals with exactly the same theme:

Walter J. Wojtanik said...

A strong and powerful piece. I've seen enough of that behavior to last several lifetimes! Thanks for sharing this!

Anita said...

That's divine justice.
Bullies getting bullied...
Well expressed.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad world when being a bully is survival. As much as I know this can be reality it is hard to accept. I'll never understand why anyone finds pleasure in another person's pain. Such a disturbing concept.
A powerful write exposing the turmoil of both involved.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I truly think that this would be amazing to share with schools...

Therisa's World said...

Sad part, in bullying the bully, the cycle continues, at an accelerated pace, instead of, it being broken, like some would want to believe. Being a survivor of this abuse, I go out of my way, to deliberate break the cycle, in helping others, who are attempting to break it, themselves.

Kate Mia said...

Only 1 answer to
Bullying is lifting
A veil of ignorance
thAT differences largE
and smAll are what
make thE

Glenn Buttkus said...

The things we have all done secondary to peer pressure our need for acceptance; life's darker moments. Terrific rocking of the dVerse prompt & Poets United as well. I'm too lazy, & busy with my photography to manage such a feat.

The Bizza said...

This was painful to read, and hit close to home. Well-written.

Bryan Ens said...

Inside the mind of a bully. ..Powerful write, and I think you speak the truth about many bullies/gang members.

Brother Ollie said...

I had to deal with a bully at work for two full years. I'd thought I was done with them since I'm way past school age! I appreciate your take.

Anonymous said...

This is very intense, sad, beautiful, and complex. :-)

la- rĂªverie said...

Thanks for sharing this!