Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Eyes Wide Open

– Weheartit.com

I lack vision its true,
live for the thrill of today,
tomorrow will sort out itself,
always has and almost certainly
always probably will…                Still

I do see the me in the mirror
and quite beautiful I am,
framed in myopia,
my eyeballs unusually long
but my eyes quite alluring,
do you see how they ask you to come? 

Come, please lie beside me…
I have so much to give…
I’m a bicycle ride…
a journey in living…
maybe mount me and
we’ll see how it goes…

Life is a sweet smoking gun,
but is passion a crime?

You may think me immodest,
that I should hide behind veils,
but I am who I am,
willing and giving,
almost selfless in sharing,
proliferating myself for the good of mankind.

And you, you think you better than me,
use that tail twixt your legs like a god-given right,
wanting and needing, all women a possible conquest,
even those with a nerve to dare utter No.
How are you better than me?

I am the spider,
you a fly in my web,
tangled in fine threads,
thrashing in passion,
In flagrante delicto
caught by design.

Anna :o]

For MLM's photo challenge and also Sumana’s prompt of Vision at Poets United.

Also shared with the good folk at Real Toads

Cheers to all for the inspiration and opportunity!


Margaret said...

Now that's a new spin on the Mona Lisa!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oooh great take on the Mona Lisa painting!💞 Enjoyed it!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lol, i love the image! And the poem, with a side of the Mona Lisa i had not suspected. Highly entertaining!

annell said...

It the kind of adventure a painting can share, if you are willing? Delightful read.

Cressida de Nova said...

Love your selfie. You know, you look exactly like the Mona Lisa:)

Ellecee said...

Love this, artful and funny, sensual and, a bit scary,,,well done,, great photo too! :-)

Carrie Van Horn said...

Your wild adventure on living certainly does affirm that living in the moment can be a way of truly living. So many just plan for the future and do not enjoy today. So there is a great wisdom in your wild and lovely poem Anna. Gotta love the Mona Lisa. :-)

Magaly Guerrero said...

The beast has spent so long hunting, that he fails to notice that he his the prey. But worry not, I say, he will catch on when he starts dissolving in the stomach juices of an even fiercer hunter.

Gillena Cox said...

"framed in myopia "
The sarcasm in your poem is alluring. Brave


Henry Mitchell said...

My head is bloody and bowed low.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Well, that certainly is a new vision of Mona! And seems to give a new awareness to her expression, too. And I love all the permutations of the very knowing poem.

Thotpurge said...

Life is a sweet smoking gun,
but is passion a crime?

I like where you took the poem... a brave write!

Neeraj Khanka said...

Loved the way you used the image into your poem.
Each stanza is thought provoking...especially loved the closing one - the hunter unaware of being hunted.

annell said...

I thought I had made a comment? I didn't find it? But what I will say, is that you are an amazing writer!!! You say you have lost something, I didn't know the before, so I cannot say about that, but what you are doing today is truly amazing!!!

Robert Bourne said...

oh this was so good... I will never look at Mona quite the same way...

Sumana Roy said...

Wow! I enjoyed this side of Mona Lisa thoroughly :)

Susan said...

Mona the SIREN! OR as an everywoman a transfer of power. Beautifully detailed, and lively direct address.

M. A. S. said...

I like how her tone changes from kind of fun to superiority.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

This was wonderful Anna! Playful and fun.

Brother Ollie said...

I really dig this piece. Authentic - I appreciated that you give these reader room to wander!

Mary (Wilds of Idaho) said...

thank you for visiting my sister's poem. She said she tried to comment on your blog but it didn't work. Sorry but she's brandnew at blogging.

This poem is so much fun. For some reason, it reminds me of Mae West -- that flaunting personality delighting in her sexuality. Love it.

ayala said...

Beautiful piece, Anna.