Sunday, 26 February 2012


Detail of the Schreyer-Landauer epitaph

Feathers, wedges, pitches,
rough shape stone.
beauty to define;
percussion lifts the veil,
reveals his vision;
the masons’ stroke
with every
successive sweep
projects relief,
elevates his dream
to final glory.

Victoria C. Slottos’ challenge at dVerse poets is to write an ekphrastic poem using a sculpture for inspiration.  Although I paint and draw I have never sculpted, so research was needed and my hope is that sculpting tools and methods of sculpting used in my little effort were actually used during the lifetime of Adam Kraft (born c. 1455-6, Nuremberg,  Bavaria [Germany] – died 1508/9), a sculptor of the Nuremberg school. 

Below is a self portrait (1490s) of Adam which is sited at St. Lorenz Church, Nuremberg.  How gifted he was!

Attributions: Adams self portrait courtesy of Wikipedia

Detail of the Schreyer-Landauer epitaph at St. Sebaldus Church, Nuremburg courtesy of  Allie Caulfields' photostream at flickr.

Anna :o]


Claudia said...

elevating the dream..think that's what artists do..i like how you capture the process...never heard of adam kraft before...but will check him maiden name was kraft..smiles

Jenny Woolf said...

I saw this statue in Nuremberg but I didn't know it was a self portrait - fascinating to have something so lifelike from so long ago. Can't you kist imagine him in real life?

Brian Miller said...

really cool...and his touches will be carried forward to touch lives for centuries to come.....interesting self portrait....

Dr Erhumu said...

An amazing sense of detail, wonder what cut his life short at just about 53 years?

Charles Miller said...

Sculptors who have that vision and precision of mind and dexterity are truly gifted with a wondrous talent. To carve something, anything, out of a block of rock astonishes me. I wonder whether i'd even be able to begon, given a fear of mistake. Excellent write on the artist and his achievement.

Heaven said...

Very interesting sculpture and his self-protrayal ~

I like defining the beauty line ~

My share:

Laurie Kolp said...

Lovely, Anna!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anna ... so interesting to learn about Adam Kraft and what a wonderful self-portrait .. but your poem of the mason's stroke elevating his dream to final glory - is great to read.

Cheers Hilary

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Thank you for your kind comments folks.

I have read the first six wonderful writes and realise I missed the point completely (I shall blame tiredness following a night shift!); tomorrow morning (after work) I shall treat myself as to as many more as I can before retiring. Can't wait!

Anna :o]

hyperCRYPTICal said...

(Should have said the first six wonderful writes at dVerse - still tired!)

Anna :o]

Bodhirose said...

I'm in awe of the amazing sculptures in the world...the detail and painstaking work it must have taken to complete "dream to final glory". Loved your offering today.

Victoria said...

Anna, this is wonderful and a perfect take on the prompt. You've introduced me to a new artist...thank you.

Mary said...

Beautiful! You got into the heart and soul of the sculptor here!!

Blue Flute said...

I felt like I could hear the percussion sounds of the chiseling while I read your poem, nice way to capture it.

Muhammad Israr said...

wow...self portrait in sculpture :) honestly this is the first time i hear about it and thanks to you seeing the picture :) look really amazing :)

Manicddaily said...

I love the idea of percussion lifting the veil - tap tap tap. Really a lovely comparision. K.

RD said...

always dig new knowledge...thank you

Peace ☮

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Thank you for your very welcome comments folks.

Anna :o]