Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blood Donor

She smiles as the lancet pricks his finger tip
(Soft thing he winces at the pain of it)  
Must check if you’re anaemic sir (she says)
(All the time wanting so to lick at it –
that rich red ruby of glistening blood-
but instead takes pastette and draws it up)

Your haemoglobin level is fine (she says)
(she takes his hand and leads him to the bed.
Inside (her mouth) tongue licks curls round her fangs.) 
Jump up, lie down (she says and strokes his head). 
(His heart bounces at the very touch of her,
he knows he loves her – he has all the time.)

She wraps the cuff round his arm, pumps it up
locates the median cubital vein,
needle in, gravity fed blood leaks out,
four hundred seventy mls   drip drip drip,
(she licks her lips at the very sight of it),
needle out, Rest now (she says with soothing calm.)

He rested now and tea and biscuits downed
 he ever shyly looks across at her.
(I will drink well tonight (she thinks but says))
Well done kind sir you are spectacular,
your hundredth donation today!  Well done! 
We’re indebted to you Count Dracula!

Anna :o] 

Mary’s challenge at dVerse is to think of and compose verse round a character of modern day mythology.  She writes:

Reinvent that character! Find an unexpected situation in which to place your character; and perhaps tweak his/her personality a bit. When you put your character in a situation, determine what will happen next.  Go from there…….  Hopefully, steer your poem in some kind of thematic direction.”

Initially deciding I didn't have time to play – and I really don’t – I should be in bed now – I  just  couldn't  stop  the  thought  of  Count  Dracula  being  a  blood  donor…so  Mary  the  above  is  my  donation  to  your  excellent  prompt!  (Erm -  don't  know  why t his  is  so   tiny  upon  posting...)

Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Author: 2112guy; cropped by Before My Ken


Anonymous said...

Very charming reversal! Their shyness is quite cute! k.

Brian Miller said...

ha, nice. i like the back and forth interaction in this, stated or otherwise letting us see inside the head a bit...that would definitely be a good cover for dracula...taking donations...saves the hassle of evidence and all the bodies...smiles...and it creates an endless supply as well. cool write anna

Claudia said... at least he gives some of the blood back that he stole from others...what a show and oh the nurse is in this as well...ha..smiles

Anonymous said...

ha...this is cool Count Dracula as a blood donor... who would have thought...Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea to have him give some of it back. I wonder what it does to those who receive it.

Brudberg said...

I shudder at the thought of His blood in the blood banks. I can almost feel an AIDS connection.

Loved the dialogue in this.

Anonymous said...

Those dark nursing thoughts of yours are very telling !

Jyoti Mishra said...

woo I loved the way you moved forward with conversation.. it was intriguing and moving at the same time

ADDY said...

Brilliant twist

Mary said...

Very clever idea! So glad you participated in the prompt. Made me a little bit shuddery though, as I am sitting and drinking my coffee this morning. Gulp!

Anonymous said...

So glad you stayed up and joined in, Anna. Dracula the blood donor - that's an idea i couldn't have come up with ...

The interaction between the characters is really good counterpoised with the nurse's vampiric thoughts :-)

aprille said...

Wonderful twist of persona.
Fun to read.

Mama Zen said...

What a cool take!

Tigerbrite said...

The last line was a surprise, what an interesting twist:)

Dr Erhumu - twitter@drerhumu said...

Very vivid imagery here Anna. Now I will look at the next blood donor or collector in the hospital with a suspicious eye.

deeps said...

thats a nice title

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Dracula as blood donor...apropos :)

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Thanks for your welcome comments folks and apologies for not getting here sooner to say so.

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

This is awesome and most entertaining!