Thursday, 26 September 2013

Starfish Enterprise: Assimilation

Nylon admiral really quite admirable   
sails briny galaxies surfs bluest sea. 
Nylon admiral really quite admirable,   
ex-electronic castaway, now PC. 

Sails on his gigabytes’ into the starry night   
seemingly nonchalant but always on guard,   
to save him from his personal hell relies on his   
personnel, step forward please  Jean-Luc Pil-Chard 

Jean-Luc Pil-Chard the master of his bridge and crew,   
earthy and unearthly the stuff of female  dreams.   
Jean-Luc Pil-Chard the master of his bridge and crew,   
seemingly nonchalant but naught is what it seems.  

Starfish Enterprise sails briny blue galaxies
pursued by Borg Cube how Kafkaesque. 
Starfish Enterprise pursued by Borg Cube,
Pil –Chard assimilated how grotesque

Cyborg sea-dog relishes his tasty dish: 
Starfish Enterprise served in sea salt pie.  
Cyborg sea-dog relishes his tasty dish:   
Pil-Chard assimilated, me oh my!

Anna :o]

Inspired by Izzy at Real Toads who has us using lines from Future Sailors and for Thom at Three Word Wednesday who has us using Earthy Grotesque and Nonchalant -Thanks Izzy and Thom!   


Ella said...

So fun to read and I love all the playful futuristic nods! I enjoyed your poem!

Brian Miller said...

ha. some great word play in this anna....nice bend toward star trek as to watch assimilation for sure...the kafka borg cube is a great touch too...

Marian said...


Jae Rose said...

Yes nicely done..the pilchards made me :) ..we have pilchard issues here in the nut house.. nobody wants to eat them but it's that's in the cupboard to eat..bloody things..should be blasted into space..

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the word play here and the originality :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

What excellent parody of the whole Star Trek thing - and with the jaunty rhythm of a sea shanty too.

Grandmother said...

As an old star trek and Jean Luke fan, I enjoyed this morphing of it into the sea focused prompt.

Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous. I love the rhythm and rhymes, and of course the "Starfish Enterprise"!
This is very, very well done.

oldegg said...

What a delight for your readers to have you play with us in this way.

Alice Audrey said...

Excellent! Of course anything that starts with the Mighty Boosh is bound to be entertaining. This totally fits.

Erhumu G said...

Even more exciting when read aloud!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Thank you for your kind and welcome comments folks.
Anna :o]

Arron Shilling said...

hey anna,

I love this!!! of course I am a MIGHTY Boosh fan and I love this as a set-up/intro . . .

Starfish Enterprise sails briny blue galaxies
pursued by Borg Cube how Kafkaesque.
YES! fantastic and I love the bounce here on borg and dog -

Cyborg sea-dog relishes his tasty dish:

fun, funny, smart and a great read!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so charming Anna and so much fun =)