Saturday, 30 August 2014

End Times: Trilogy

Mount Sinjar

In this land

those who fight for their lives
bury their dead;
those who fight for their god
bury the living. 

God is in Heaven,
weeping, wailing,
wringing His hands,
despairing of His Creation. 
There are no virgins here

and hell is full of martyrs.

 Uttar Pradesh

Two girls:
sisters:  innocent, virginal:
bar that soft space between their thighs.

Debase, driven,
testosterone alive they came,
that sordid band of sordid men
took turns in their defilement.

The mango tree bears witness
and gives its boughs in testimony,
those boughs whereon those sisters hang,
a noose around each neck,
heads forever bowed in shame.


Here, in this land
vultures wait,
vultures both bird and barely human,
they wait;
wait to pick at the bones of children
of a lesser God.

Here too hyena howls
as he tears at the viscera. 
No clean death here,
rather that to distil a final dread. 

The child (smiling)
holds a decapitated head. 

His father:
nihilistic psychopath, smiles, proud,
as he stands knee-deep
in that primordial soup from whence we came.
How did it come to this?
What have we become?

(And God weeps wails distraught at His Creation.  
There are no virgins here and hell is full of martyrs.)

Anna :o[

I don’t know about you good folks – but I despair of/am (so) afraid for mankind.  I do know (and realise) that we human things are and have been capable of the most barbaric and grotesque atrocities since we slithered out of the primordial soup.  We are whether we admit to it or like it or not – tribal.  That is what we are. 

We cling to our identities, what we thinks make us who we are.  We cling to our class our caste our religion our colour our gender our intellect– whatever we thinks makes us superior to the man standing next to us.  We look up to our God in the same way we feel easy in looking down on those we think inferior.  We are tribal.  That is what we are.

Accepting diversity – hell no, we are afraid of it, afraid of them.   We don’t understand their different ways their different cultures  their different way of thinking, no more than they wish to understand ours.  We are tribal.  That is what we are.  We are afraid of what we don’t understand.  (And sometimes we should be sorely afraid.)

I must admit that of late I had become Islamaphobic – fearing those zealots’ who purport to follow Islam.  Please understand I don’t fear all that follow Islam – yet I am (still) afraid of it.  I fear/feared those who wish the entire world to bend their knees to Islam would have their way – for this crazy thing of human rights and the fear of offending others will leave us weak and vulnerable.

Yet this article in The Telegraph put me right.  For those in Isil are nihilistic psychopaths and it up to us in the rest of the world – whether it be east or west – to rout them out – for if not, if we stand back afraid – they will overcome.  F*ck whether there is oil or not – we must preserve humanity.

Tis true that in our sordid past, much evil has been done in the name of Christianity – so we (who are born into this faith) cannot be smug and sit back in judgement.   We must admit to our own branch of evil.  

We must admit to what is front of our eyes NOW.

The world is now a tiny space, what with the Internet and the freedom of travel. And (because of this) present day evil is so easy to leave at our door, no, enter it.  Whatever the guise, evil is and always has been ever-present and we must pull ourselves out of the primordial soup and stamp it out.  But we will not, for some – the majority(?) - of us in the west are so wrapped up in the touchy-feely of ‘human rights’ we forget what human rights truly mean.

Off on a tangent: whilst watching the (horror of the) news at work with a resident, she remarked:  It’s always men isn’t it?  And I had to agree with her (as I had thought this myself) – for 99.9% of the time – it always is.

What say you men?  

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Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Author: Rennett Stowe from USA

References:  Mount Sinjar:

Uttar Pradesh:



Gabriella said...

I agree that the news has been terrifying all summer and, sadly, this is still going on. What draws humankind (and yes mostly men) to commit such barbaric acts is totally behind my understanding.

Heaven said...

I have read the news and am terrified with what befalls women and children particularly. Can't make a sweeping judgement on just 1 faith but we all have our own faults too ~

Mary said...

You have shared some terrifying situations in your poetry. It really does seem like something has to be done about Isis. They won't back off, it seems, and their brutality is shocking. I hope world leaders work together and make some kind of united front to stop them.

Claudia said...

it is terrible and frightening what happens in the world at the moment... just today in the news they talked about the things going on right on our doorsteps and honestly - it seems to get worse and worse

Brian Miller said...

it is stomach turning the lows to which we will reach as atrocities around the world...even here in the states...with missouri recently...and detroit...and...

those who fight for their god
bury the living.

God is in Heaven,

sums it up nicely...and hell being full of martyrs...exactly.

Anonymous said...

Bullies flourish where no one will stand up to them. The world needs to decide this is unacceptable.

Truedessa said...

The world can be a beautiful and dangerous place to live. Times are changing and it is indeed frightening on many levels.

Michael Grogan said...

I have to agree with you Anna that man is to blame for his own ignorance all in the name of the tribe he believes is superior to the tribe beside him. You raise some very relevant points in both your poems and your discourse. Throughout history the zealots have wrecked havoc believing their cause greater than the well fare of others.

^.^ said...

I don't think we should worry too much about the world ... as worrying about our neighbourhood gives us plenty to do ... hey, nifty tip off mine: Turn off the media, and go for a walk 2 blocks or so ... Love, cat.

Kate Mia said...

Yes..if God was woman full of nurturing spirit..these things might extinguish better as we all become children of that nurturing spirit..patriarchy only mixed with the tribal nature of human beings..i a scary thing to see..

Before there is puberty there is often togetherness..and when the village is small enough without competitors for subsistence and the way of life is sharing without collecting..and controlling reproductive freedoms going hand in hand with subjugation for materialistic gains..there is the answer...

Yes..the 20 most peaceful smaller societies in the world live the way of sharing and cooperation..instead of domination of the strong over the weak...

Until the world learns to share and love is the prize instead of possession..not much will change..and i can only thank GOD that i live in the USA where religion does not have to chain GOD or chain man to hate instead of love...

It's no wonder if Jesus aka Yeshua.. the real man hung around the humble and the abused often know GOD more than used...

If Jesus could come would be different..he would have no love for religion and all the love for human beings and the rest of GOD's flesh and blood creation...

Why didn't people get the real message of Muhammad and Jesus of Love...

Yes the tribal nature is the reason we have such a hard time being


I am not born that way..i have no tribe but humans everywhere i go...

i am lucky..thank GOD for that..Love is a much more peaceful way to live life than hate and separation and all things associated with that!

Sorry for all these fill up your blog..but your words inspired them..:)

And no i'm surprised as I can see the soul of one in words as eyes..:)

Björn Rudberg said...

I alas have no other belief than that of humanity... and it's not easy to believe in what is happening right now.. (we are also getting the news of everything instantly).. this has been the subject of my poetry for some time also, and I doubt that I can stand looking into that darkness any longer. There are a few who seem to do whatever they can to dominate humanity.. they are men, and they want their will.. and to top it off we have nazis getting strength marching the streets too...

annell said...

People do terrible things when they are afraid. And often what they do not understand, they fear.

Sumana Roy said...

I dare say world was any different in the long past or will be in the future...power rules...even God was crucified..this is the way of the world...individually we can write, practice little act of kindness and unite the world over through the internet against atrocities...pen was, is and always will be mightier than swords...

Anonymous said...

So true are your references. An extremely dark side of humanity is brutal, psychopathic and human mental health(rights) cures are truly non existent. All fallacy, if (He) cannot reach them, who is man with a small m. Well written from research beyond the general population. Any solutions?

Manzanita said...

I shudder as I read the first part of your post. Humans HAVE changed in the past 60 years. I hear of these atrocities and I know there was a mutual respect between humans of the East and West.

Misterio Vida said...

your writings are hypercryptical like you :) but i agree with all the three.. sadly its the reality :(