Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Thickening of the Leg

thus define a perfect pear,
fruits of her labour, that they are.

She wanders ‘bout him,
wanders through the tangles in his hare,
hides in the madness of his march (inside her)
until she comes out.

There is a bone of connection,
a joint diene;
a thermal cracking of the bones.

At the crack of born
she comes out again from within herself,
she is the tail between her legs,
fruits of her labour that she is.

She is the cock that breaks forth within herself,
the chicken and the egg. 
She is incongruous,
a perfect pear (she is),
fruits’ of her labour.

Anna :o]

Björn at dVerse has us writing us writing of Catachresis and above is my take on it.  It was my original plan to ignore Björn’s prompt as I really need to go to bed and slip, slip into slums…

…but I couldn’t as (dogs gone (where)) he inspired my imagination.

My imagination based on a recent film I have viewed, which is: Predestination.  It is a time-travelling film which initially hooked me until I became aware of an obvious flaw in the plot.  Visual flaws I can forgive – but plot flaws do me ‘ed in!  The plot a very much chicken and egg thing with a cock(erel) thrown in…  Have you seen it – what do you think?  Chicken or the egg?

Image: Courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons
Author: Pava


Glenn Buttkus said...

She is some of this, a glop of that, transgendered, mother India, CEO of Chick FaLay; ask yes, you gently rocked the prompt tickling funny bones as you go.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Anna, I cant tell you how much I enjoyed this poem and how much of it I understand - laughed out loud at the dogs gone (where)! Our minds do enjoy this sort of frolic at times dont they? Always nice to see you posting!

Mary said...

I like this very much, Anna. Enjoyed 'a perfect pear' and 'wanders through the tangles in his hare.' Both made me smile. And, ha, I will opt for 'chicken.'

Hayes Spencer said...

She is the tail between her legs...oh my goodness this poem had me doing quite a bit giggling throughout. Really really good.

Thotpurge said...

I'm not sure I got all of it but I did enjoy the "She is the cock that breaks forth within herself,
the chicken and the egg"... very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

especially liked the bone of connection! You're on to something there.

HA said...

Unlike others, it turned out to be a philosophical write for me at first reading. And at second reading, it turned out to be a sensuous (a little kinky) read, with sexual innuendo and metaphor. I'm known for the latter two among my friends. Haha. :D
A Very interesting read nonetheless. :-)

Björn Rudberg said...

This is both witty but more have a serious edge. Also I note how was it is that mixing the metaphors we end up with sexual insinuation that I found intriguing, Wonderful Anna.

Marina Sofia said...

Can clearly be read in many ways - as I can see from the comments. My personal favourites are 'the bone of connection' and the 'crack of born'. That last one is quite a powerful new image, actually!

Martin said...

After your explanation I no longer wonder why those words like "pear" made no sense to me ...
Enjoyed it : )

Anonymous said...

I like the subtleness of your cathechresis. I haven't seen the movie, but I agree, especially with time travel movies, plot flaws are the worst. Peace, Linda

Anonymous said...

"At the crack of born..." I really like this stanza. An very inventive theme.

Anonymous said...

like the "at the crack of born" bit...some nice broken metaphors here Anna!

Claudia said...

for me this has quite a serious edge and some deep thoughts as well... i love time travel cool would it be to travel back and forth and solve some of the mysteries of life.. but maybe we cannot in this life..

Brother Ollie said...

Ok this is skilled word play!