Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chimney Pots

Twixt chimney pots moon glows amidst
a misty haze, and neath through thick
of silhouette of swaying trees
a window flickers candle lit.    

*And she inside has cried enough (she thinks)
and snuffs out candle at the wick
and flings herself upon the bed,
and in that troubled mind of hers
with demon of the night confers
her wish of *errant husband dead.

And in the morn she sets her plan
pulls neath the sheets a *book of spells  
and mixes notions with intent;
creates a gateway straight to hell.

And not for him an eye of newt
nor toe of frog nor tongue of dog,
but salami slice and sausage links,
bacon, eggs and deep fried chips
with loads of salt and full fat dips,
all washed down with sugary drinks.

*And as his girth begins to spread 
as diet takes its morbid toll,
she feeds him more and more and more
and boosts his smokes and alcohol.

But best laid plans do not bear fruit
despite disease, his blackened lungs. 
For determined he she be his nurse
and tend his needs eternally,
he grinds her down til on her knees
and *she the first to ride the hearse. 

Anna :o] 

*For those who know me (and now suspect me) I wish to make clear that these words are not, I repeat, are not, an analogy of my recent court case in which I was the accused, although I accept that comparisons can be made.
*He wouldn’t dare be errant.  He knew, sorry knows, I would kill him!
*As stated by the prosecution, yes I had borrowed an inordinate amount of cookery books over a short period of time from the library.  They were cookery books of bygone years when we ate rich fatty stuff because we enjoyed it, and oddly enough were not fat.  Hubs and I enjoy our food, therefore no crime! 
*The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – we all know that!   I just love him so much!   
*Proof positive – if it were needed – of my words being mere coincidence, as I am not dead!  I am disgusted at the actions of my vicious neighbours, who with their dirty lies to the local constabulary, brought about the ?need for the court case, a case thrown out through lack of evidence.  Hubs is not dead, he is just lost, so lost I can’t remember where I buried him…(oops!)

Frank at dVerse has us writing of irony.  This afternoon I was searching for clues of what might be served up tonight and found same at Lillian's.  It was then I remembered a poem I had written last year, or maybe even the year before (these were years when real life held me prisoner and I did not blog very much) and said poem seemed to fit the bill.  And above it is.

Kerry at Toads asks us to add annotations to a poem and that I have done.  With humour!  This gave a ‘nowness’ to the long ago written poem.

So cheers Frank and Kerry for your inspiration!

Image:  Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Author:  Edwardwexler


Frank Hubeny said...

What a tasty way to go! I liked all the footnotes that the toads group requested. It makes the whole thing more entertaining.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

And not for him an eye of newt
nor toe of frog nor tongue of dog,
but salami slice and sausage links,
bacon, eggs and deep fried chips
with loads of salt and full fat dips,
all washed down with sugary drinks.

Delicious imagery here!

Gina Gallyot said...

loved the essence you mingled into your words and thoughts, I have a book on arsenic that i read with happy thoughts. I too was kept prisoner of my own words and feel a connection with yours. Like you have just written what I want to say.

Glenn Buttkus said...

As an older husband, I "resemble" that remark. I'm OK, my child bride, a decade my junior, does not like to cook much; so my poison is processed deli & cafe food.

indybev said...

What a rollicking good read! I enjoyed every last bit of it.

De said...

Your last line is stellar. And your comments after cracked me up. ;)

Kim Russell said...

I had to wait until this morning to read your poem, Anna. I like the mysterious setting with the moon glowing 'twixt chimney pots', the 'misty haze' and the silhouette of swaying trees' which then zooms in to the candle in the window - very cinematic. And then the dramatic plot and book of spells! I couldn't hold back a grin at the 'salami slice and sausage links, / bacon, eggs and deep fried chips / with loads of salt and full fat dips, /
all washed down with sugary drinks'.
Oh such irony, Anna!

Kathy Reed said...

Cleverly written, Anna;) Who is the glutton for punishment here......?

Sumana Roy said...

now...that's delicious Anna :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

I am so pleased to see that you added fictional notations to your poem - it provided a new level of narrative and provided a contrast in voice between poem and explanation. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ...this is brilliant...those Chinese Alchemists could learn thing or two here...and the footnotes would have had me thinking WTF? if I didn't know what the toads were up to.

brudberg said...

Those notes added so much.. and I have to say there are worse way of dying I think... but then the irony the irony to be the first to die. Love also the reference to Macbeth.

Claudia said...

hahah - that was a fun read and i'm sure you want only the best for your husband
lately i saw a documentation on tv about a whole family that almost ate themselves to death cause they were really eating loads of bad, fat and sugary stuff and started to get really sick - ugh

Jilly said...

Really enjoyed the rhythm of this poem! It adds to spirit of it so very well.

Just Barry said...

I enjoyed this very much. You,"poisoning" your husband with sweets,fatty wares, and booze, and I, a willing consumer of such things... We should compare notes sometime!

Shay said...

Oh, well I certainly wish I knew the real story behind your comment -- all jumbled up like the poem -- can't tell up from down.
But it is so enticing, like a fine meal in the making

Anonymous said...

Ha! What a tasty treat -- not only ironic at the end, but the whole idea of poisoning him with a typical everyman diet is brilliant, and quite disturbingly, accurate. A wonderful piece, Anna ~ wonderful peace, Anna, Jason

Charles Lyman said...

Haha! And the poem is amazing as well!

Please say you'll write more.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

How deliciously wicked!

hedgewitch said...

Delightfully scrambled and heavy on both irony and sidenotes, seasoned I think, with just a bit of snark. said...

I loved this! You've added humor with a delicious twist--no need for the eye of a toad or a witch's brew -- just give him bacon and sugary drinks! Maybe add some Krispy Kremes??? And then she's in the hearse before him -- now that's irony! Loved the "explanation" at the end and ... I've never been used as a footnote before 😉🙃. FUN!!

Maggie Jean said...

Haha! So wickedly tasty.

kaykuala said...

Like the line of posting here - spiced with lots of humor. How wonderful life is when one can make light of serious matters. Thanks Anna!


Sok Sareth said...

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