Wednesday, 25 October 2017


In the darkness of my soul hides my ugliness, waiting.  I despise the vacuous, the parasites who lust the vanity of my friendship and once trapped, I pull them screaming into the darkness. 
                                              (An incipit for the eventual anthology of my kills!)

I court her, oh the thrill of it the game of it the pleasure in beguiling.  (The stupid whores I pull them in and always leave them smiling!)  He-he!   Ha-ha!  I am a poet!

She is different this one…does she know, suspect, but how?  A question in her eyes beneath her furrowed brow…I CANNOT MAKE AN ERROR!  (I tease her with the softest kiss and mould my hands around her breasts and (then) my hands dance around her thighs.)

(She sighs – oh the magic in my hands the magic of my mind!)   (I pleasure her!)

And then I throttle her, but I can’t get no satisfaction…!

So welcome new babe – feel the action of my trouser trumpet!

My God I’m here you lucky lucky thing!

Anna :o[

Mish at dVerse has us writing of metaphorical masks and it got me thinking of folk I have encountered whilst working as a psychiatric nurse (now retired).

I have come across psychopaths in my time and will admit that in some instances, I was sucked in by them, believing all they said until they made an error, an obvious error in their story.  How plausible they can be!  How easy we are manipulated.

But do psychopaths’ (knowingly) wear a mask or are they just who they are?

We all wear masks, I do, several, to please other people.  Underneath I am just me and pretty harmless - I haven't killed anybody - yet!  :o]

Image:  Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 
Author:  Gert Germeraad



Oh my gosh, I am dying over this:

"So welcome new babe – feel the action of my trouser trumpet!"

Frank Hubeny said...

It makes me wonder: do we have to intentionally wear a mask to wear a mask?

brudberg said...

I think we were on the same wavelenght with those voices... but I think that the psychopath has no conscience whatsoever... no sleepless nights for him

Anonymous said...

The whole mask thing intrigues me. As we approach Halloween, a time when traditionally folk wore masks to ward off evil spirits, it seems an appropriate topic for our poetry. I think there are masks we know we wear, and masks that perhaps, we don't know we wear. said...

Well....this was frightening to read....and then even more so with your explanation. Very unsettling...which to me is the mark of a good write, that it can get inside a reader like you've done here.

^.^ said...

I have a lot of darkness in my soul, friend Hyper ... but also a lot of light ... as every time I meet someone on the street ... not being fixed to their cell phone ... and gives me a smile and gives me a chance to smile back ... and this happened today ... Happy Wednesday ... smiles ... Love, always, cat.

Sherry Marr said...

Wow, you have nailed the psychopathic personality. My daughter has just extricated herself from one's clutches. My observation is they dont seem to know they wear a mask. A mask is who they are.

kaykuala said...

My God I’m here you
lucky lucky thing!

One sacrifices time and efforts but they might not realize the privilege. An unsung volunteer no less, Anna! A noble thing to do!


Mish said...

It's interesting how the mind can be disturbed yet have the capacity to be so manipulative. A frightening combination.

annell said...

A scary write! Perfect for Halloween!

indybev said...

Wickedly wicked. However, the term "trouser trumpet" is hilariously new to me!

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh my, so dark yet so delightful