Saturday, 20 January 2018

Day's Eye

Imprecise: my calculations,
my measuring of your love of me. 
Do you love me do you love me not
depends upon the daisy plucked,
the petals pulled in earnest hoping. 

Vascular: let me run easy through your veins,
love me need me take me, feed on me until our waking,
meeting dawn with daisy eyes.


Happily written for Joy’s Friday 55 at Verse Escape – cheers Joy!

Image:  Courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons 
Author: Ntgr


hedgewitch said...

I love the opening line--how it frames the daisy-petal reference, and also the way you vary your structural phrases so adroitly, from 'me' to 'on me' which shows a curve back to the other, and an inclusion which is at the daisy-heart of what makes this a very satisfying love poem. I am made happy by the happiness it contains, which is a measure of what poetry can do when it works. Thanks for playing 55 with us, Anna.

Trådløs said...

I do love the daisy eyes there in the close. And love is so hard to measure.
I seem to be a master in miscalculating

Fireblossom said...

Pulling daisy petals is as accurate a barometer of romantic success as any algorithm yet devised, afaik.

brudberg said...

Having to rely on coincidence... it's not how it really works, but if we want it to be so, it might still happen. Daises or cards...

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh, I pulled a lot of daisy petals in my day. Love this!

Geo. said...

"...meeting dawn with daisy eyes" Beautiful description of an emotion and union that is too intense for analysis.

kaykuala said...

depends upon the daisy plucked,
the petals pulled in earnest hoping

There is always place in the heart for a lot of hopes to one's expectations. Life can be most fair when required to do so!