Sunday, 4 March 2018

I'm Coming!

Heinrich Kuhn (1897)

Soft, defused, that light behind your eyes,
don’t kid yourself, forget the lies,
twilights a coming, day will turn to night.

Go on,  
stick your labels here and there,
remind your self of what’s and where,
write your diary, scribble notes,
write your self your memory joggers.

Hah, won’t work forever,
things’ll keep on fading,
everything a shade of grey. 
Take your time – I don’t mind waiting,
you know I’ll get you anyway.

Anna  :o]

Inspired by Kerry’s ekphrastic prompt at Real Toads, cheers Kerry


hedgewitch said...

Wry and sly and quite amusing, as well as sharp.

Brendan MacOdrum said...

I dunno, for me this reaper in senility's sheepskin scared the bejeebus outta me. He stalks my senior moments, my flat uninspired blank pages. Hard to welcome that night, but it's part of the deal.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I can relate to the writing of little notes for myself.. if only i could remember where I put them!

brudberg said...

Reminds me of the reaper's word to the knight...

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Love the sharpness and humor in this! Brilliant write.

Friko said...

Scary! Would it be OK if I shut my eyes to this?

Jim said...

Said Red Fox to Chicken Little. I'm riding on I-20 32 miles east, until Shreveport. Some of the drivers here are like that in catching up with Mrs. Jim who is driving. But she cates a lit very smoothly. I did have in another lives when I wa younger a couple or more girls who used your writer's strategy. I fooled them!!

Margaret said...

grey is my favorite neutral color now ... but not so comforting in this poem! In the mean time I think I'll keep the night light on :)

Sara McNulty said...

I love this, Anna! I have sticky notes everywhere, but one day I just may forget to write the note as well.

Claudia said...

ha - you know - if you write the right things on those sticky notes you may have a trump card up your sleeve that will surprise him

Carrie Van Horn said...

A brilliant take on the photo Anna!!

kaykuala said...

things’ll keep on fading,
everything a shade of grey.

It takes time for 'our own horror movies' to leave our memory. Our experiences are imprinted more of a reminder not to commit them again. May even be educational!


Charlotte said...

Sticky notes rule! A great take on the prompt, Anna!

Martin said...

I can feel the Grim Reeper approaching, preceded by his assistant that makes us lose our memory.

Magaly Guerrero said...

No, I did not just look over my shoulder. Why would you ever think that? Seriously, but... Did you hear that?