Monday, 14 October 2013


As mean as any howling cur, that’s him
an’ I seen what he done to her,
that one we thought the sweetest thing
who refused his plea to be his wife,
an’ he as mad as hell, he slapped her hard
an’ screaming to the floor she fell. 
An’ he with keenest butchers eye
took hand his favoured sharpest knife
an’ plunged it deep in t'cavity
where we thought her beating heart would be.  

An’ to our horror ‘twas just a stone
laying cold an’ hard twixt flesh an’ bone
an’ she with the wildest eyes I’ve ever known
let out this god-awful ear piercing moan,
grabbed at his knife and stabbed at him,
stabbed at him ‘til she could stab no more,
then curled back her lips an’ ate him raw. 

Me master gone then she turned on me,
you’re next she screeched an’ tried to cut me up
an’ I bit her hard an’ she lost her grip
an’ I took a chance and fled as fast can be. 
An’ courage now almost drained from me
I hide quivering whimpering like some discarded pup,
hoping life be bled from me an’ I be long dead and gone
‘fore she finds my scent ‘fore she hounds me out 
'fore she curls back her lips and eats me up.

Anna :o]

This gruesome tale (which still requires a bit of tinkering) was inspired by the image provided by Tess at The Mag.  Also entered at The Poetry Pantry at Poets United, kindly hosted by Mary; thanks Tess and Mary!    


Vandana Sharma said...

What a vivid description of the events and it is a gripping tale, makes the reader to know more, what happened next....keep it up!!

Berowne said...

Direful tale - but very well written.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh wow lots of emotions reading this...fascinating :)

Mary said... about eerie. This was really a chilling read. Well presented, but chilling.

Brian Miller said...

dang....vivid....the stabbing and then eating....hope they get away...the stone heart too...whew...nice touch...smiles.

Leovi said...

Great poem , really very tragic and heartbreaking !

Anonime said...

Seas of passion's blood! B-e-a-t-i-f-u-l!

When finally

The mask fell

Placid he is not

Sweet she ain't

It was rejection

that gave him strength

To tear at her heart

Find out for himself

If instead

Lives a stone

"Oh you can't do that"

She whispered

As she tore him limp from limp

Devoured him piece by piece


Animal could not comprehend

Animals covered in red

In heaven


It ran away

From the scene

Of the horrendous massacre ..


Gabriella said...

This is a very chilling tale Anna!

ds said...

Wow. Enthralling horror story. Really well done. Thank you.

gautami tripathy said...

Excellent writing! I love dark!

doggy tales

Tigerbrite said...

Fascinating stuff. sounds like the Banshee :)

Jenny Woolf said...


Tess Kincaid said...

I like the ballad-like feel to this...

Kutamun said...

Seems they bit off more than they could chew !

Doctor FTSE said...

A very good tale. Pretty scary.

Björn said...

The tone... the dialect.. I love this.. could be a song by Nick Cave from Murder Ballads... Stabbing and eating... really greatly gruesome

Anonymous said...

This is gruesome and vivid!

annell said...

A wonderful piece indeed! I loved it well.

~T~ said...

Yikes! I never considered gory stories from a dog's point of view...

Letitia Minnick said...

Very appropriate for the season. ;) I enjoyed the dialect and pov very much. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You have frightened me, Anna! I am relieved that I am reading this in the morning instead of before bed. I hope the dog escapes.