Friday 10 October 2014

Foie gras

when his heart chimes in robust rhymes
and her knee is all a-flutter,
why is it then the speckled hen
spreads margarine, not butter? 

And so it is upon first kiss
when all is lost    but all is not forsaken,
the cow is left to wonder how
and the pig brings home the bacon. 

And Deidre duck does not give a f*ck as corn
is shoved eiderdown    an ever-resisting gullet,
for it is then when speckled hen wonders (wearily) by
she knows that she can pullet.

And of the pull or perhaps the wool
of a lamb of fleecing coat,
while the prancing pig does a sailors jig  -
why does the goat gets on his goat?

Anna :o]

Bjorn at dVerse as us writing poems of no meaning at all.  Of course the above has a deep meaning to me (;o]) as in the  trials and tribulations’ of my (present) life – but perhaps I need an analyst? :o]

Video: Courtesy of YouTube