Sunday 14 February 2021



Flashing crashing

through the waves

striking diving

into the deep

great and wonderful

the orca whale


Jamie (aged five)


As I am still suffering from a severe case of writers block, my lovely grandson Jamie has stepped up to fill the void.

On Thursday, his teacher sent him a picture of an orca whale and asked him to write a poem about it and above is the wonderful result!  Well done Jamie!

I asked Jamie if I could post his poem here, and thrilled he said “Yes!”

Thanks Jamie and a big Hello to my other lovely grandson and your lovely brother Theo!

Shared with good folk at P&SU's Poetry Pantry, hosted by the lovely Rosemary – cheers Rosemary!


Image:  Courtesy of Flickr  "Orca Roll" by Matthew_Allen is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0