Sunday, 14 February 2021



Flashing crashing

through the waves

striking diving

into the deep

great and wonderful

the orca whale


Jamie (aged five)


As I am still suffering from a severe case of writers block, my lovely grandson Jamie has stepped up to fill the void.

On Thursday, his teacher sent him a picture of an orca whale and asked him to write a poem about it and above is the wonderful result!  Well done Jamie!

I asked Jamie if I could post his poem here, and thrilled he said “Yes!”

Thanks Jamie and a big Hello to my other lovely grandson and your lovely brother Theo!

Shared with good folk at P&SU's Poetry Pantry, hosted by the lovely Rosemary – cheers Rosemary!


Image:  Courtesy of Flickr  "Orca Roll" by Matthew_Allen is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


rallentanda said...

Go Jamie ! Good poem. Don't forget to charge Granny one pound per poem for your poetry jar

Old Egg said...

Good on you Jamie!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

That's a terrific poem! Must run in the family.

Hazel said...

Awww go Jamie! I couldn't have known it wasn't Granny. Love!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Jamie is so very talented. His poem conjures the movement of the whales so well. And the tone of the words speak clearly of the joy such encounters produce.

Helen said...

To Master Jaimie:

You are a mighty fine poet, my friend. Please write more for all of your granny's friends to read.

Grandma Woonie in Bend Oregon ... you can look it up on a map!

indybev said...

WOW Can't wait to see what he writes when he's 10, 12, and adult! This is amazing.

Jenna said...

Cute! I agree with Bev that this is especially good, considering he is only 5! Keep writing, Jamie. :)

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Cheers to you and to Jamie!

Priscilla King said...

I hope Jamie continues writing poems as he grows up! That's a good one for a kid!

colleen said...

Bravo, Jamie! He's on his way and made quite a splash here.

Rommy said...

Well done Jaime! You've described the orca's playfulness so well.

ADDY said...

For a 5-year-old that is quite an effective poem. He has obviously inherited your gift.

heidi said...

Awesome poem! You must be so proud! Hope you break through your writers block soon.