Friday, 13 August 2010


Mmmmmm! I finished work at 7pm, went into town and visited my favourite burger bar! I ordered double cheeseburger, fries and a coke! Yum! Yum! I eased my fat, middle aged frame between chair and table and tucked in!

I didn't really! I came home and had a healthy meal of chicken and salad and I ate it after easing my fat, middle aged frame into the comfort of my easy chair!

I do not know why I am overweight - no, why I am fat! I am not obese - I am fat! I am as fat as Professor Steve "Fattie" Field as so eloquently described here by Dr. No, and Fattie is my friend! I do not know him - but admire him as he tells it like it is!

I am sure he will be delighted - or will he? - by today's glad tidings reported here, there and everywhere that UK researchers have suggested that fast food outlets should consider handing out a statin to combat the effects of burger and fries and presumably any other "naughty foods!" Perhaps they might suggest gastric banding too when customers purchases their hundredth meal?

I am certain Big Pharma will be orgasmic and rubbing their hands with glee! They could not have dreamed it up themselves! Money, money, money!

But hang on! Is there not some concern regarding adverse events with statins? Pulse reports here that GPs are urged to use the lowest possible statin doses! Over the counter (OTC) statins here at 10mg doses are available at chemists. Add on a few (10mg doses?) at your local burger bar and if we get into this mindset of dosing after junk food - we could top up at home! The skies the limit!

Eat whatever we like - have a statin and Bobs your Uncle! Fat but fit! Healthy heart, less cases of oesophageal cancer - but maybe we might experience liver dysfunction, renal failure, cataracts or myopathy! Nah!

Burger bar - here I come!

Thadeus the fatfull.


Sam said...

Here is another sceptic for you Thadeus the fatfull:D

You know, medical research is becoming so confusing for us poor unmedically trained public; one day this and tomorrow the opposite is true! You know, enjoy ... just eat what you like and let nature take whatever course it wants to take until all those academics make their minds up!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

I don't worry about my weight Sam! I'm not really a burger, fatty food eater - just think they take like grease! Don't really have any health issues either!

Thad. ;-)