Saturday, 22 October 2011

Dead Through Prayer?

Hey Mother F****r
don’t be no sucker,
don’t take those pills
they won’t cure no ills,
the Lord will save ya,
not enslave ya
medicine kills,
cures no ills!
No frills Mother F****r,
don’t be a sucker,
medicine kills.

now listen to me,
don’t need no drug ya,
the Lord will hug ya,
set you free
from HIV,
don’t despair,
power in prayer!

don’t be no dancer
to the doctors meds,
they’ll leave you dead,
listen to the Lord,
be in one accord,
he’ll provide the answer,
don’t be no dancer
to the doctors meds,
don’t despair,
power in prayer!

Get in ya head ya,
that you’ll be dead ya,
‘less you pray to the Lord,
be in accord
with the prophet
T.B. Joshua,
it wont wash wi’ ya
that he aint
the right hand of

It was while browsing through the internet that this article came to my attention and inspired me to make my poor attempt at rap. – believe me I hate rap – but there is no racist undertones here as I hate brass bands with equal ferocity – and you may like to visit Joshua’s ?excellent website here and realise what a ‘Saviour’ he is.  Lord free me from charlatans!

What you make of it is up to you!

Anna :o]


Jenny Woolf said...

Guess people have a right to decide what to do about their own bodies. Trouble comes if they expect others to pick up the pieces I suppose....

Frances Garrood said...

I loved this, Anna!

ADDY said...

I saw that item on the news the other day. I know you need blind faith to follow a religion, but how on earth can people be so gullible to think that prayer alone is going to cure them of something like HIV or cancer?

thingy said...

And when they start dying at his feet...? Dangerous people.

Fantastic rap. : )

Isabel Doyle said...

and condoms promote HIV and every drop of sperm is sacred ...

Although an amazing article in The New Scientist (Heal Thyself, 27 August2011) does reveal the power of the mind, especially if it works with medicine.

Muhammad Israr said...

so what can we call this rap? the medical band? :) i must try it with some music i mean its wonderful...never heard of rap with medical and disease thing :) great work...have a nice week :)

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Thanks for your kind comments folks.

Jenny ~ It is true that people have a right to decide what to do with their own bodies and sad that if coerced into making the wrong decision (based on the blind faith of others) that those left behind do indeed after pick up the pieces.

Frances ~ Thank you!

Addy ~ I don't know my friend - but unfortunatley folk do. Personal story (remotely related?), my dad was a religious man, worked for a church society and literally gave his (living) life to his God. He died a horrible lingering death and when I asked one of his colleagues why was his God allowing him to die like this, his response was "Ah, he is testing his faith." I shall not describe my reaction.

Thingy ~ Dangerous people indeed!

Isobel ~ Interest article and thank you for pointing me to it. The placebo effect is indeed a powerful thing as is the belief in oneself. The combination of the two are an aid to healing - but not always.

Israr ~ Thank you my friend. Did you try it with music?! You have a nice week too!

Anna :o]

Victoria said...

Anna, I'm no rap afficiando either, but this voice just fits the topic so well. I used to be nurse manager of an AIDS unit in SF in the early 90's. It was so heart-breaking to see so many young lives lost...and many talented among them. Because of the location of the hospital, a good many of our patients contracted HIV through IV drug use.

Stafford Ray said...

If you need a bridge built, hire an engineer. If you want your plane to land safely, hope the pilot is trained but it you want to treat AIDS take heed of a religious rapper??? Hello!
The Pope and all other faith blinded idiots that say 'don't use condoms' really piss me off! I have lost friends to AIDS and I know that scene is no place for the deluded!