Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rome Is Burning

There has been a wonderful surge of signatures to Dr Kailash Chands’ e-petition “Drop the Health Bill” and indeed it has more than surpassed the 100,000 mark (130,789 at the time of writing) required to allow debate in the House of Commons.

But will it be debated?

Click on FAQs and read that “If the subject of the e-petition is currently going through legal proceedings, it may be inappropriate for a debate to be held."

As Cameron and Lansley are determined to ignore the concerns of the BMA, 19 Royal Medical Colleges, Institute of Healthcare Management, Royal Colleges of Nurses and Midwifes, NHS Consultants’ Association, GMB, Unite and Unison unions, Faculty of Public Health, Patients Association, Institute of Healthcare Management, Medical, Management and Nursing Journals, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, etc. and push ahead with this much hated bill – why would they take notice of an e-petition?

If our wonderful government are intent in ignoring the very people who work within the NHS what more can we do?

If you have not signed the e-petition please do so and Facebook and tweet it!  Email your ‘contacts’ and ask them to do the same.  (The greater the number - the less likely the e-petition will be ignored.)

Email your MP – ask him/her what they intend to do (remember they were elected by you to represent you) on 22nd February when a debate is to be held to vote on the release of the risk register.   (Unison have made it easy - just follow instructions on page.  You don't have to be a member of Unison to do so - I'm not)

Details on the risk register from Unisons' pages:

“The government has so far refused to release the so-called “risk register" behind its controversial Health Bill, despite the independent Information Commissioner telling them to do so.

Speculation suggests that the register contains damning information about the risks of the government's NHS overhaul, particularly around the cost of its plans and the ability of GPs to take on massive new responsibilities.

It takes just two minutes to make a difference

The debate on 22 February is a chance for MPs to vote for the government to release the risk register now, so that the public will have a better idea of what is in store for the NHS and our politicians will be better informed when considering the Health Bill in Parliament.

Ask your MP to support the motion that the risk register should be published.”

If you care about your NHS, please ask your MP to support the motion and again email your ‘contacts’ and ask them if they will do the same.

Email  No 10 direct  and inform Dave of your concerns. It of course is highly probable that he will not read it – but if enough of us write he will certainly be aware of the volume of mail received and the general publics’ unrest, fear, hatred of the HSCB. (Again ask your contacts to do so too.)

Dave’s pride has become more important to him than the wishes of US, the GENERAL PUBLIC, THE ELECTORATE. We live in a DEMOCRACY; we have a RIGHT to VOICE our OPINIONS.

Please don’t just sit there while Rome burns, do something now before it is too late!


Anna :o]


Dave King said...

Excellent. I shall try to pick up on some of your suggestions.

Patsy said...

You're right this is a democracy. Although there are many problems, the cuts to the NHS among them, I find it heartening that there are so many ways we can easily express our feelings on these matters. Sometimes 'they' might even listen!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Thanks for your comments Dave and Patsy.

I fear whatever is done, however we express and opinion, the Bill will be pushed through and damn the electorate!

Anna :o[