Thursday, 17 April 2014

Third Person Singular

This day has promise (she thinks)
as sun blinks through clouds
that only seemed to offer grey. 

She pours herself a drink
and gulps in earnest hope,
a hope the twitter-birds will stay away. 
But no, here they come
with their ever helpful words
(they think) (they think by rote),
they must complete their tasks
and ask him if he wants to pee,
needs to change his pad
and she says:
He goes himself, please don’t baby him;
in hope that they will maybe listen, comprehend,
but no, instead, off they go (by rote);
Would you like a cup of tea,
breakfast; here’s your meds. 

Promoting independence – bah! 

At midday, here comes the ha-ha bird,
all bright and cheerful with her ha-ha words;
and all she wants is for her to go away –
but no she won’t, she will fulfil her tasks
and asks him if he wants to pee,
to change his pad, does he want some tea,
a sandwich maybe and: Here’s your meds. 

By end of day ‘she’ (third person singular)
(with twitter-ha-ha birds words ringing in her head)
asks him if he wants to pee, to change his pad

and realises she is slowly going mad…

Anna :o]

This year has been ‘eventful’ for me and my handsome one.  Handsome one has been quite unwell and required hospitalisation and his homecoming required that a ‘care package’ be put in place; otherwise he could not come home.

This care package gives me peace of mind when I am at work – but on days off it really makes me unhappy – it is so obtrusive and I want my (right of) privacy back – for me and my handsome one.  But I will have to go with the flow – for such is the power of social services…

Erm – please note the morning drink was coffee – although my evening drink (now) is somewhat alcoholic…

Brian, at dVerse has us writing ‘Self Portraits’ and the above is my offering of my self portrait of today.  In reality, the above is an understatement of ‘my today’ for this afternoon, if anything could go wrong – it did, as of a spanner in the works.  (Woe is me!)

Thanks dear Brian.

Image: courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Author: Delacroix, Eugene


Brian Miller said...

love my coffee in the mornings...and i can sense your frustration in this....the twitter birds and haha birds...oy they might drive me crazy as well...i think promoting independence is huge...i face that with my students a lot...and even when i was doing counseling....hope you have a relaxing eve anna...sorry for your intrusions...but glad you let it out...smiles.

kkkkaty said...

Glad you shared with us, this your other half? At first I thought we were in a nursing home...many of them there are less helpful and the opposite is true..a lack of attention. It's hard to lose one's independence even if temporary...besides the twitter birds and ha ha birds is there by any chance a strict military bird?

Heaven said...

I admire your courage and steadfast heart for your loved one ~ What a challenge to care for him, yet we all want the best for him ~ At least he gets the best of care ~

Take care Anna ~

michaelt said...

Having cared for my father for many years until his end, I do understand the lose of independence that comes with illness. All we can do is play the game and make the best of what we have in the hope things will improve. I hope handsome one improves in the near future.

Kathryn said...

I don't know what I would do if my independence or privacy were taken away. An honest heartfelt piece.

Claudia said...

oh that is not easy... being independent and having some privacy is so important - and it can wreck your nerves if it's not possible for whatever reason... hope he's healing up quickly..

Sumana Roy said...

let's hope that your handsome one gets well's really hard to have no privacy and're a brave soul...

Martin said...

Having been for a short time in such a role a while ago I think I comprehend your words. May your courage and strenght never leave you ~ hope you can care for yourself too.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh Anna, my heart goes out to you and your handsome one....and I SO KNOW how intrusive "home support" is. When I witnessed it, I didnt see much "support", just a lot of what you relay here and a LOT of Being Obtrusive and patronizing. Yes, it is necessary and has to somehow be borne. But I so wish those who come to serve and help could do so with respect and allow one one's dignity.

jo-hanna said...

Don't know what to say, Anna. Seeing you through your care and worry about another, I find that humbling.
Your writings ought to be collected. And published, and shoved through every letterbox in the country.

^.^ said...

Ya ... maybe run to Venezuela, Mathilda?

aspiritofsimplicity said...

a difficult place to be day at a time and perhaps tomorrow will be a bit easier...

The Bizza said...

I echo the sentiments already stated. I hope your Handsome One gets well soon and regains his independence to keep the twitter birds at bay. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. So much vulnerability here. Hope things get better for you soon!

Akila G said...

i can understand that...quite a cup of coffee requires much more than time and patience to involve in such process, if i may call it so...yet, a pleasure and some lessons to be learnt. :) lovely Anna

Charlotte H. said...

This has a beautiful flow. I can relate to your circumstances. Stay strong.

Heidi said...

Hugs, Anna!

Friko said...

Sympathy and commiserations to you.
These care package people mean well, don’t they. If only they would tone it down or maybe show a little sensitivity.

But that would require time and a setting other than automatic pilot.

But they do mean so well. And some are quite kind.

Jenny Woolf said...

Lack of privacy and that endless stupid chatter... you convey the feeling so well.