Sunday, 22 May 2011

2015 "It's the NHS Jim, but not as we knew it."

My Hero - Not!
Judgement day came and went!  Phew!  Not the end of the world then - but unless we act quickly - as sure as eggs is eggs, pretty soon it will be the end of the NHS as we know it.

So yet again folks I would draw your attention the The Health and Social Care Bill or if you like, NHS reforms.  Only two weeks of the sham NHS "listening exercise" left and then we are doomed!

I know I keep nagging on and on and on and you may be bored to death of it, possibly don't even care - but it is up to YOU general public to get your fingers out, brush off the apathy and get YOUR voice heard!

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by 38 Degrees showed that 95% of the public have no idea how to get involved in the "listening exercise" and 1 in 5 believe that Lansley isn't listening.

I would go a bit further by informing that when attempting to discuss NHS reforms with my colleagues last night - not one of them knew what I was talking about.  Depressing isn't it?

38 Degrees are asking for donations to run ads in The Times, The Mail and The Guardian to alert YOU as to how Lansley has ignored the Save Our NHS campaign.  Donate, do SOMETHING!

Read this article that shows the "listening exercise" is a stunt, read who is worried, read these excellent blogs:
Bad Medicine, The Cockroach Catcher, Witch Doctor, A Betternhs's Blog and all blogs directed to on these same blogs.  Read and learn!

Please do SOMETHING because as sure as eggs is eggs, if you don't, come your dotage and you need your hip replacement - you won't get it!


Anna :o]


Friko said...

Really, as bad as that? The media tell us that doctors like the responsibility of organising their own budgets but that they have a bit of a problem with the rest of the reforms.

Of course, the Tories aren't listening; they know better than that rabble that is the electorate. And certainly that rabble that needs the NHS!

And heartbreaking though it is, I don't believe that we can actually DO SOMETHING. Lambs to the bloody slaughter, that's us.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Hi Friko.

It will be as bad as that - hip replacements are 'rationed' now.

The media tell us what they like and in which way they are politically 'swayed.' It is probable that journalists have not read the white paper and even if they have, they will not understand the ramifications of it and/or consider it boring and not really of interest to their readers.

You are probably correct in that we cannot illicit change as the numbers are to small and easy to ignore... now, if there were a groundswell of opinion... things might be different!

Remember the poll tax?

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, from the American side where we pay half our wages just to afford the insurance, let alone paying for doctors' visits and prescriptions... the health care companies have bought everyone, worldwide. I sympathize with you.

As for getting involved, half my FBI file is about my "universal health care" and mental health advocacy, so keep preaching, sister, because in all countries, on all fronts, we must get more folks involved! Peace, Amy

Cockroach Catcher said...

Thanks for the mention.

Looks like end game soon!

ned ludd carer said...

Thanks for the support plea Anna. Disabled and carers are starting to stand up for themselves (metaphorically anyway) - we need the able bodied to stand alongside us.

Anna :o] said...

Thanks for your comments folks

Anonymous - intriguing! Abstract, cryptic and ironic or just playing with my feeble, female mind!

Saving the NHS (as we know it) will perhaps cost lives - or completely on the wrong track?

Amy - the thought of a health care system emulating the USAs frightens me and for all the reasons you have highlighted. Peace too!

Am Ang - Credit where credits due my friend. First 38 Degree add in the Mail today - but will anybody do anything?

Will the end game be as expected? Unfortunately - probably yes.

Nedd - we sure do! But will they?

Anna :o]

PS Signing in problems remain, so litle smiley spider wont appear and have to post a comment to myself - to reply to yours!