Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Romance Is Dead

Banquet Scene with a Lute Player
Nicolas Tournier, 1625
Our maiden
She now quite perplexed,
For he, her suitor,
Some months afore,
Appearing vexed
Had declared
"Madam!  Romance is dead,
For thee my lady, me
Up the garden path hath led!" 
And with that had strutted off
Leaving she (poor child)
With such sore emotion,
For why he had left
She had not notion,
Knowing only that
Her heart was broken.

Yet this morn
His calling card he had sent,
Her heart still full of him
(Which he suspected),
She did relent
And had accepted
This invitation for his banquet feast,
(An explanation she sought at the very least).

Perplexed was she
By his returned affection,
Why he had left
He would not mention,
Instead proclaiming
Undying love for her.

Wine flowed forth,
His tongue much loosened,
Blaming his departure
On dire financial straits. 
("A temporary nuisance,"
Was his pretence,
Stupidly mentioning
Her new

Alert now to his cunning plan
Our maiden, now much wiser
(She would not be used by any man)
And as he knelt upon one knee,
Proffered a ring and kissed her hand
"My lady wouldst thee honour me
And thee me wed?" 
"Me?  Why no sir," she sweetly smiled
"For in my heart romance is dead!"

Anna :o]

With thanks to Tess at Magpie Tales for the inspiration


Monika said...

Incredibly beautiful! I am speechless. The tale, mystic in its own way, can left anyone awestruck.


Anna :o] said...

Thanks Monika - I am glad you like it.

Posting it has caused a problem though. I emailed it direct to the blog from my 'real me' site - first time I have done this - and can no longer keep signed in.

A coincidence I hope that will soon rectify itself.

Anna :o]

Linda said...

Oh I love this. It should be a lesson taught to all young women who are still starry-eyed and giddy.

thingy said...

This is fabulous, Anna! : )

Margaret said...

This is incredibly delicious. I loved it!

Margaret Pangert said...

Anna, this is wonderful! I love the fact that feminism is not dead, and women are learning to stand up for themselves! Verse and Chaucerian English also make it a great take and write!
Congrats, sister!

Anna :o] said...

Thanks for your very kind comments folks.

I shall now visit your wonderful blogs!

Signing in problems remain - so smiley spider temporarily asleep!

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

Wow...great job with story and setting. Admire how you made the language fit the time frame. just good stuff! Vb

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

Wise words on an excellent imagery, I like the way back in the time.

Ann Grenier said...

I agree with Linda. Wish more girls could be wary of gold diggers and other predatory types.Good story, Anna.

jabblog said...

Neat and pithy, Anna - it made me smile, too.

earlybird said...

Excellent! Nice revenge! And well done on the language.

Everyday Goddess said...

great post! really.

earlybird said...

Excellent! Sweet revenge. Well done on the language too.

Lolamouse said...

Great story! And I am SO happy that I can now comment, as Blogger seems to be cooperating, at least temporarily, again! 120 Socks asked me to tell you that she also was trying to comment to you but couldn't. We're like a bunch of teenagers who aren't allowed to use their cell phones!

Anna :o] said...

Thanks for your very kind comments folks.

Lolamouse - your comment gave me great hope that the 'problem' was fixed - yet, alas not for me yet! Still can't remain logged in and I am having to send this comment to myself!

I am able to leave comments on most blogs if I type in my name/url - but some not at all So folks if your comments don't offer name/url - I cannot leave a comment (all though I want to!)

I agree with that it is similar to losing your cell phone!

Anna :o]

120 Socks said...

Hi Anna

For some magical reason my followers came back, yippee. The only thing I did was click on the post where you left the comment, then went to comment and magic they appeared, and the sign in problem was fixed as well! Closing date for competition is the 15th July. Just updated post. Will check out irish resident thing. Sent you a tweet as well, I am now following you. If you want follow me back, please do as I will be putting up info re comps on twitter.

Steve Isaak said...

Clever, character-windy (with nice plot-envelope/recall end-line), excellent work.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Hi folks!

Blogger is having a tantrum again and my little pencil and screwdriver has disappeared! Followers haven't been there for a while - ho hum.

120 socks - will life ever return to normal? Still checking the tweets.

Steve - thank you. Haven't forgotton you - other things have got in the way!

Anna :o]

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh - they're back!

Not a pencil - but a spanner!

But for how long?

Anna :o]

Vicki said...

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