Saturday, 18 January 2020


In utero, slumbering  
budding into fruitful blossom,
I awoke,    here,    in this place,
twixt linens pure, pristine & niveous,
now splattered haemochrome,
cast chaotic, torn of loves labours,
of earthly surrogate.

(She: accoucheuse, fat and hoary,
bites through umbilicus.)  

A birthing,
footling born of chaos
toe dipping into Mother Earth,
I sang of Satan, hailed his glory.

Women wailing 
cluttered into corners,
black in wretched robes of mourning,
mourning my deliverance,
freedom from confines of merest mortal,
accoucheuse bite   and worldly tether torn.

Oh you fools virid of envy,
minds icteritious of greed –
how well you do my work,
feed my lust my hunger 
my want of your destruction,
stoke fires of your eternal hell.

The devils spawn,
I am born of your desire,
you harbingers of the death,
destroyers of all tomorrows, 
how well you do my work!

Do my work,
rape your Earth,
bleed her dry.

I shall spread my wings
fly into your tomorrows,
suck sulphureous sun cerulean skies
into my atrous heart.

(Wings fluttering will cast a storm  
the like you’ve never known.)

Anna :o]

These words first published in 2014, re- posted today for earthweal open link weekend #3.  Cheers Brendan.

Image: courtesy of flickr 


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Anna, your voice in this is so powerful. I love "I shall spread my wings / Fly into your tomorrows". The sulphurous skies are ominous. We do its work too well, I am afraid. Lovely to see you at Earthweal, Anna.

Brendan said...

Thanks Anna -- Your voice here reminds me of a highly literate dragon -- Chaos, primordial father of Gaia. A scholar of destruction, taking a rather abstract delight in the bloodiness of creation. Maybe this god worships the blade and has forged it well. Singing, yes, of Satan. This will brew up a Cat 7 storm apropos of the angry beast we're whipping the world into ... So great to see you at earthweal!

Kim said...

Fly into your tomorrows.... great phrasing throughout this. Like Brendan, I'm picturing a dragon. :)

Truedessa said...

I am left wondering when will the mourning stop. How much more must we endure? There is hope in flying into tomorrow. May your journey be safe.

Mary said...

Painfully true. Interesting that you wrote these words in 2014....and not much has changed for the better.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

The time is now!

Sumana Roy said...

"I am born of your desire,"--Nothing can be truer than this. Greedy as humans are this should be their fate. Sigh. Words throb and thump with such force!!!

hedgewitch said...

I have to agree with Brendan--this could easily be words from a dragon, blown out on a flaming breath for us to hear and fear. The progression is inexorable, dunning doom into our bones. Thanks for all your unexpected word choices as well--several of them were new to me, which is always a delight after 71 years of constant reading. It's very hard for me to find new words outside of scientific journals. ;_) Anyway, this is elegant, excellent, viciously truthful, and frightening. Excellent writing.