Sunday, 6 December 2020

Storm Brewing


Rain streams

in never-ending rivulets,


obscures vision.


The unremitting

rhythmic wurr



of wiper-blades

irritates, marks time

as you sit behind the wheel

fix-gazed on anything but me.


This is an oft travelled road,

I anticipate the coming storm,

sense the thunder,

wonder what will precipitate

the squall.


I watch the blades

raise the tempo

as they swish to and fro,

aggravate existing fury,

heavens darken, heighten fear

and you glance at me hate-faced

and I know the time is near –

tis not only skies that will blacken.


Anna :o]

Shared with the wonderful folk at P&SU Writers Pantry #45, hosted by the lovely Rommy – cheers Rommy!

 Image:  Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Author:  "Bad sky, wet road. #Traffic #rain #ColumbusOhio" by Howard TJ is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


Jenny Woolf said...

Chilling and elliptical - so powerful

Gillena Cox said...

Oh that we may weather the storms with good sense and hope

Stay Safe


Priscilla King said...

The word "blacken" makes an ominous ending. (Was it meant to be?) I think that it has to mean their moods will opposite-of-enlighten further, but these days "blacken" is more often used in the context of bruises...

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Cheers for your welcome response Priscilla.
Blacken here was used in the context of bruises.
Anna :o]

C. Sandlin said...

This is a doubly terrifying poem--storms on the road give me anxiety and threat within and without is vivid.

Khaya Ronkainen said...

I can feel the storm brewing in every line of your piece. The mood of the speaker and fellow passenger is so well captured.

Rommy said...

This is a truly chilling metaphor. Part of me wants to reach out to the speak and tell her to run and never look back.

indybev said...

Oh my! A gripping poem. The crescendoing wipers ending in the hate-filled eyes! Yikes

Magaly Guerrero said...

I wish the tone and mood--all relatable apprehension and suspense twisted and staring me in the soul--weren't so timely. The storm seems to have come, stayed, and is on its way all at the same time. And that knowledge does things to brain and heart.

rallentanda said...

I interpreted this poem as one of domestic violence which has increased alarmingly since the pandemic , at least in Oz.Too many women are subjected to hate filled faces and bruisings and not nearly enough , (here at least) is done to sort this problem
The statistics are alarming.Powerful poem.

Marja said...

Love the detailed description of the storm and the rain on the windows. It puts you straight in that storm and preparing you for another storm coming up between her and him
Enjoyed reading this

Old Egg said...

Even though it may not extend to domestic violence there is still the feeling of dissatisfaction in the relationship is apparent.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Reading this, I quail.

colleen Looseleaf said...

The whir whir is a little hypnotizing, numbing in this case. Only a matter of time.

ADDY said...

Another chillingly descriptive poem. Still think of the pea one too.

Thotpurge said...

A great close to the poem, Anna!

dsnake1 said...

i like how the mood of the poem changes to as foul as the weather.

Margaret said...

Intense and very effective - My heart goes out - I wonder husband and wife, elderly parent and child... Leaving it open allows one to place themselves into this - but I'm glad I can't! So sad.