Friday, 1 January 2021

Fox: Winter Feasts


Stripped bare

by autumn’s theft,

skeletal now,

her frigid branches


to touch the warmth

of rising Sol.


Dormouse, dormant,

curled deep in winters sleep,

scratched out

by Hungry Fox -


opportunist he,

he watches, waiting

as Redbreast bobs

through evergreen

bearing seasons berries.


And she,  



by her luscious feast

of rich red rubies,

becomes easy fare,



on his winter table.


Anna :o]


An oldie, extracted from the tomb of the long-ago written and almost forgotten, as tis the season...

Wishing all a Happy New Year - it has to better than last year, hasn’t it?

Shared at earthweal open link weekend #51 hosted by Brendan – cheers Brendan!

 Image:   Courtesy of Flickr

Author:  "Misty Morning Sunrise." by Neil. Moralee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Kim M. Russell said...

I enjoyed this honest portrait of nature. The opening lines set the scene perfectly – I’m looking at a similar scene outside my window. I love the phrase ‘stripped bare by autumn’s theft’, which reminds me of a poem ‘Autumn’ by Alan Bold, and the ‘feathers on his winter table’ is a sad image, but one I am used to, having two cats. Happy New Year, Anna!

Jane Dougherty said...

Lovely and crisp. Life is like that, and death.

Kerfe said...

Nature makes no just is. The tone is just right.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Umm, the feathers on that winter table, rather sad ending. Makes me think of the little birds I find (or should I say piles of feathers) complements of our cat. Good show of nature and a winter feast.

Ingrid said...

Well, the fox has to eat, despite the best efforts of the little creatures to survive the winter! A memorable winter portrait.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this poem. It is a hungry season for the critters. I love the impact of the closing lines especially..........I linked a very old one too, from my earliest days blogging. We have been around the 'sphere a while, havent we? Smiles.

Brendan said...

Mother nature is feral and fine, gentle and voracious ... all of it, or her, here. Thanks for joining the earthweal fray!

JadeLi said...

Good capture of the kill-or-be-killed nature of the wild.

JIm Feeney said...

A Skillful poem, I particularly like
"stripped bare by autumn's theft"!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Those "skeletal" branches longing for sun (and new leaves) have been dancing in my skull, too. May spring bring better things...

Happy New Year!